We are grateful for any and all suggestions which will make our service even better. Whether positive or negative, your views are warmly welcome, so please do not hesitate to let us know your thoughts.

Your comments will be received by those responsible. Each and every Viking Line employee responsible for the service, product, experience, in question, will read and, where appropriate, action upon your comments.

Please reference your booking number

If your situation requires us to do an investigation, please let us know your original booking number plus any other helpful information, such as the name under which your booking was made. This will speed up the process to locate and reference your claim.

How to process a refund

In the event of a refund we will need your booking number, your contact information and any other pertinent information about your booking. Contact us as quickly as possible, but not later than two months from your departure date.

Please fill in our on-line claim form
then e-mail it to:
or send a letter to: Viking Line, Customer Relations, PO Box 166, AX-22101 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland.

Service on-board

Should you have an issue with our on-board service, please contact one of our employees, on-board, as soon as possible. Our goal is to resolve the situation as effectively as possible, directly at the scene.

If the situation involves our terminal or hotel service personnel, please contact that Terminal or the Hotel Manager directly.

Should you discover a problem with your cabin equipment or its cleanliness, please contact the Information Desk on-board your ship.

Any claim for compensation can only be addressed if the situation is officially noted by one of our employees during your actual trip.

Consumer Disputes

For customers who reside in Finland: If you are not satisfied with Viking Line's decision concerning your complaint, or if we have not been able to reach a settlement, we have a dispute. To have the dispute tried (out of court), you can turn to the Consumer Disputes Board. We participate in the process of resolving the dispute and follow the Board's recommendations.