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Youth groups on cruises

A youth group (10 people or more) is defined as a group of travellers who do not meet the current age limits. Only the group's leader will book the trip and pay for the booking.

All travelers must show identification with valid ID, driver's license, passport, ID card or finnish FPA card with photo.


Viking Line has a set quota of 100 people per cruise with departure Sun–Wed and 40 per cruise with departure Thu–Sat. A youth group is defined as a group consisting mainly of young people. The price for youth groups is always fixed according to normal cruise prices and no special offers are available.

Youth groups with participants not meeting the required age limits are welcome on select cruises under the following conditions

  1. The trip is organized by a school, sport's association or other association.
  2. The group is accompanied by a leader with a verifiable connection to the group, for example a teacher, parent or the leader of the association. One leader per every 10 participants is required. The leader of the youth group must be at least 30 years of age. Exception: a teacher under the age of 30 is accepted as a supervisor when travelling with his/her school class.) The leader's connection to the group must be verified by the proper documentation.
  3. Cruises available for youth groups are limited to Helsinki↔Stockholm, Turku↔Stockholm (on this cruise the group spends the day at the destination and returns in the evening), hotel cruises Helsinki↔Tallinn and day cruises Kapellskär↔Mariehamn and Stockholm↔Mariehamn

Mini cruises Turku–Stockholm (a mini cruise is a cruise where you spend all your time on board without going ashore and return immediately with the same ship), cruises Turku–Mariehamn, cruises with Viking Cinderella from Stockholm or Mini cruises Helsinki–Tallinn are not open to youth groups.

Route traffic

The group is accompanied by leaders with a natural connection to the group, for example school trip teachers, parents or club/association leaders. At least one leader for every ten participants. Leader of the youth group must be at least 30 years. Teachers under 30 years accepted as the leader of his school class. The leader's connection to the group shall be authenticated with documentation.