Rules of order

  1. A passenger who is intoxicated, threatening or disruptive in the terminal or on board may be removed from the vessel either in the port of embarkation or any other port of call during the voyage.

  2. Bringing along and using weapons, equipment, appliances or objects that could cause danger to passengers, crew or the ship, are forbidden without the shipping company´s permission. Possession of above mentioned should always be reported to the staff at check in. Breaking the rules will be penalized.

  3. Viking Line does not allow passengers to bring on board food supplies to be used for preparing meals during the voyage.

    For safety reasons, passengers are not allowed to prepare meals in cabins or other parts of the ship. In addition, passengers are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages brought on board or purchased from the ship's duty-free shop during the voyage. Should a passenger break this rule, the alcohol will be confiscated.

    Cruise passengers are not allowed to bring their own alcoholic beverages on board. Food supplies that are allowed on board include, for example, baby food and special products required due to food allergies. Baby food can be warmed up in a microwave oven either in a mother and child room or in a café.

    If it is possible to stay on land during the port visit, cruise passengers may exceptionally carry a small amount of food or alcoholic drinks on board that were purchased in the port. This is allowed only for the purpose of bringing home the product. Note that it can not be consumed on board. Please observe customs regulations and keep the receipt to be displayed in case of a customs check.

    Drugs are prohibited on board and will be seized unless used for medical reasons – medical certificates must be shown.

    Upon request, passengers must hand over all objects that could endanger safety or order on board. Should a passenger refuse to open his or her suitcase when requested to do so, he or she can be denied access to boarding. A passenger who has been denied access to boarding does not have the right to demand a refund for the tickets purchased or for any other expenses caused by the incident.

  4. A passenger who is intoxicated and disruptive on board will be taken into custody by the vessel's security staff and confined in a holding cell.

  5. Absolutely no smoking in cabins. Do not cover smoke detectors in cabins. Violation of these rules may lead to criminal charges. All violators will be fined. Fee for smoking in cabins or covering the smoke detectors: EUR 120 / SEK 1200. The fee will be paid on site. When smoking in the cabin the passenger can also be deprived of the right to the cabin and be dismissed from the cabin department.

  6. Passengers who behave in a disruptive way in the cabin department may also have their cabin privileges taken away and be removed from the cabin department. Fee for disturbing behaviour: EUR 120 / SEK 1200.

  7. The use of passengers´own stereo systems on board is not permitted. Stereo systems may be confiscated temporarily.

  8. Anyone who commits acts of vandalism on board is liable for compensation and will be reported to the police unless compensation is paid on the spot.

  9. Persons who damage a vessel's safety equipment will always be taken into custody and handed over to the police in the first port of call. Such cases are always reported to the police.

  10. Shoplifting is always reported to the police. In the case of minors, their guardians are also notified.

  11. The leaders of youth groups shall be responsible for their group on board. This responsibility includes an obligation to ensure compliance with these rules of order. In case problems occur due to disorderly conduct by any group member, the group leader must assist the vessel's employees and follow their instructions. All group leaders must submit a list of group members and their cabins.

  12. If requested, young people must be able to prove their identity.

  13. Photographing individual passengers or vessel employees without the permission of the person affected is prohibited and punishable.

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