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Driving instructions

Driving instructions to the Stadsgården terminal in Stockholm (also called Stadsgårdshamnen)

For drivers coming via entrance channels E4, E18 or E20, i.e. from North, South or West, we recommend the new, quick Södra Länken tunnel between Årsta och Sickla. Please print these driving instructions or write them down.

  1. When approaching Årsta, look for a road sign saying 222. Choose the lane marked 222. This way will take you to the tunnel. Follow the 222 towards Gustavsberg.
  2. Near the end ot the tunnel, nearby Sickla, take off the right lane after the road sign Stadsgården (with a ship symbol). Follow the signs to the terminal.
  3. If you're driving your car onboard, drive a few hundred meters past the terminal towards the city center. Turn at the Viking Line Check In sign.

Södra Länken is suitable also for those driving via Huddingevägen, Nynäsvägen and Värmdöleden.

Getting closer to the Årsta area, you will see appr. this kind of a sign on the right side of the road. Should you happen to miss it, just follow the signs for the road 222. It will take you to the Södra Länken.

There is a parking area by the terminal for those not driving onboard (don't drive to the Check In). Trucks and buses have a separate Check In.

Congestion taxes in Stockholm and Gothenburg

The congestion taxes are intended to improve traffic flow and improve the environment in the inner city of Stockholm and the routes around Gothenburg. The congestion tax in Stockholm and Gothenburg is charged on weekdays between 6 am. and 6.29 pm. It is not charged on Saturdays or Sundays, on public holidays, the day before a public holiday or in the month of July.

For current charges and more information about the congestion tax in English, see

Are you traveling by car?
– alcohol rules in Swedish traffic

Information from the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen) and Police in Sweden (Polisen):

In Sweden the limit for drunk driving is 0.10 milligrams of alcohol per litre of exhaled air, which corresponds to 0.2 parts per thousand in the blood.

All drivers who are stopped by the police in traffic will have to do a sobriety test. Drunk driving can lead to an investigation that results in the loss of your right to drive in Sweden for some time.