Passengers with reduced mobility

For Passengers with disabilities or special needs.

Passengers who are disabled or have reduced mobility, are kindly requested to contact us by filling out this form, by phone +3726663966, or by e-mail

Passenger Registration

Any information regarding a disability or a special need you, or anyone in your party may require should be provided when registering as passenger. The more detailed the information you can provide us the better we, at Viking Line, can serve you and your special needs.

If you wish to provide any more information to Viking Line regarding your disability you are welcome to notify us below under Contact Information via the form provided, or by calling us at the appropriate telephone number.

The Terminal

There are restrooms for disabled passengers. A separate check-in counter and assembly point are provided for additional assistance. To make boarding and disembarking the ships easier, elevators and escalators are also available.

More information about each terminal's facilities

Cabins for passengers with reduced mobility

Cabins adapted for people with reduced mobility or disabilities can be booked online.

Boarding and disembarking

To secure the most convenient and safe boarding process, the travelers using wheelchair are recommended to board via terminal instead of via car deck.

Whenever assistance is needed to board or to leave the vessel due to the reduced mobility, or when the traveler's car and parking place is to be located close to the elevator, this has to be informed either by mail or by phone minimum of 48 hours prior to the vessel's departure. See attached contact details.

There is no assistance arranged for boarding or leaving the vessel for the following cruises

  • Changing the vessel in Mariehamn as well as for the day and mini cruises
  • Arrival and departure in Långnäs
  • Arrival and departure in Mariehamn at 04.25–04.30.

Once on board

On board you will find handicap toilets and a special meeting place for assistance. We would also like you to be aware that it is more difficult to maneuver a wheel chair on board M/S Rosella. With larger wheel chairs and electric wheel chairs your access may be limited even on our larger vessels.

If you need assistance due to a disability during embarkation or disembarkation or if you wish to park near to the lift, you should inform us at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure. You can inform us either by the form or by telephone, please see contact Information below.

More information about the ships

Security on board

If you think your disability may be a cause of concern during an unexpected security or emergency situation, please let us know in advance for everyone's safety and security. If you are accompanied by someone who is familiar with your needs, please let us know via the contact Information page below.

Guide Dogs or Seeing-eye Dogs

Guide dogs and seeing-eye dogs always travel for free on Viking Line and should be easily identified and outfitted with the proper harness. These dogs are also permitted to travel on Viking Cinderella where other pets are usually not permitted.

Guide dogs and seeing-eye dogs are permitted to go just about anywhere on-board, including the restaurants. They are, of course, forbidden to enter cabins for people with allergies. Comfort stations are available for your dog. Please let us know, below, if you have a dog accompanying you on your journey.

Contact Information

Disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility are kindly requested to contact us by filling out this form, or by phone +3726663966, or by e-mail

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