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The cabins are not shared with other travelers. For example, if two persons book a four-bed cabin they still get the whole cabin for themselves.

All cabins (except Budget) has a toilet and shower. Read more about cabins

Is the price on the website the same as when booking through telephone?

When booking by phone, in the store or in the check-in an additional service charge of 35 SEK is added. And some offers are only displayed for customers online.

Has the money for my payment arrived yet?

It can take up to four days before the money appears on the booking reservation. If you are unsure if the payment has registered, please check My booking.

What do I do if I can not find something on the website?

At the bottom of the page you will find the Sitemap where you can see an overview of the site, and there is a search box in the upper right corner.

How does Viking Line's pricing work?

Many of our prices are dynamic, it means that prices can vary from one trip to another. Simply put this means that we can ensure high occupancy with the help with our dynamic pricing. We do this by continuously monitoring both the tickets sold and the demand, and then adjust our prices accordingly. When many want to travel, the price may be slightly higher and periods of lower demand also get a lower price. The prices are also affected by the departure day and season (this means that it's our customers who affects pricing through their respective choices, bookings and requirements). To have dynamic pricing is now standard in the travel industry and for Viking Line's part, it is a necessary tool to set prices. The high occupancy ultimately result in us continuing to maintain attractive prices on all our travels.