m/s Viking Grace

M/S Viking Grace

Viking Grace departs in the morning from Stockholm at 07.45 arriving to Turku at 19.50. The departure from Turku is at 20.55 arriving in Stockholm at 06.30 in the morning. All times are local. Take a virtual tour »

M/S Viking Grace

The new vessel will be able to use three alternative fuels: traditional heavy fuel oil, diesel or liquefied natural gas (LNG), which results in less emissions. When running on LNG, the vessel meets all the new emission rules now being devised by the European Union.

The hull of the vessel will be hydrodynamically optimized to minimize its fuel consumption and cause the smallest possible waves, which is particularly important when passing through an archipelago.

The vessel's propulsion engines are diesel/gas electric to minimize its energy requirement. To achieve the highest efficiency, the propellers will be of a new type for this kind of passenger vessel.

Thanks to new soundproofing technology, the noise level will be very low. In practice, our new flagship will be a very quiet vessel, both when operating at sea and while in port.

Engines from Wärtsilä

The new vessel, which is being built at the STX Turku shipyard in Finland, will be equipped with engines, propellers and bow thrusters from Wärtsilä.

  • Seaside Double

dSign and Vertti Kivi

The dSign interior architecture office, Finland's absolutely foremost in this field today, will be responsible for the interior design of the new vessel. In 2011 Vertti Kivi, creative director at dSign, was named Finland's Interior Designer of the Year.


  • Delivery: 2013
  • Length: ca 214 m
  • Passengers: 2 800
  • Cabins: 880
  • Passenger cars: ca 500 m
  • Cargo: ca 1 275 m
  • Ice class: 1A Super
  • GT: 57 000