Tax-free shopping Helsinki ↔ Stockholm

Here you will find our onboard tax-free assortment. We have everything from perfumes, clothing and cosmetics to drinks and sweets.

Opening hours

  • Stockholm–Helsinki 16.30–22.00, 08.30–10.00
  • Helsingfors–Stockholm 17.30–23.00, 08.00–10.00

Local times. The product range can vary between ships. Reservation for exchange rate and other changes.

Women's fragrances, Skincare & Makeup

Shop perfume in our duty free shop.

Body Care

Find everything for your hair, hygiene and nail polish. Essie, OPI, Batiste and much more.

Organic Skin Care

Take care of your body with organic products.

Men's Fragrances

Shop perfume on board.

Unisex fragrances

Shop unisex fragrance that suits both him and her.


We have clothes and accessories from several well-known brands on board.


Shop champagne at best price in the tax-free shop.


Semi strong alcohol and fortified wines.

Strong alcohol

Buy strong alcohol at bargain prices.

Semi strong alcohol

Shop fortified wine or other semi strong alcohol beverages.

Beer & cider

Onboard you will find a wide selection of beer & cider at favourable prices.

Non-alcoholic beverages

Quench your thirst with energy drinks, water & soft drinks.


Sweet tooth? We have something for all tastes.


Craving potato chips, cheese puffs or nuts? We have snacks for all occasions and tastes!