Stockholm has excellent public transportation. Buses, commuter trains and the underground will take you just about anywhere.

Public transport

The well developed bus, commuter railway and underground systems allow you to travel throughout the County of Stockholm both conveniently and at a reasonable price. All means of public transport share a unified ticketing system, allowing for transfers. Discount tickets and city cards are also available


The Stockholm underground Tunnelbana is both safe and easy to use. Stations are all marked with a blue "T" sign. The underground, which has over 100 km of track and about 100 stations, is so creatively decorated, it has been called the world's longest art gallery.

Local trains

In addition to the underground and buses, Stockholms Lokaltrafik (SL), operates commuter trains which serve a much larger region than the underground. From the Central Station you can get to Kungsängen and Märsta in the north-west, and to Nynäshamn and Gnesta in the south-east and south-west, respectively. It takes nine minutes to travel to the Stockholm International Fairs at Älvsjö from the Central Station. Stockholm's commuter railway system also includes the historic Roslagsbanan and the more modern Saltsjöbanan. The Nockebybanan and Lidingöbanan trams serve the southern parts of Bromma and Lidingö, respectively.

Airport buses

Flygbussarna to and from Arlanda Airport and Bromma Airport are available at the City Terminal next to the Central Station. The buses depart for Arlanda, every 5 or 10 minutes. The trip takes 35 minutes. Flygbusstaxi service (bus + taxi to and from the airports) is available 24 hours a day. Flygbusstaxi connects with the right stop and takes you on to your final destination at a fixed, low price. Buy tickets for Flygbussarna and Flygbusstaxi on board the bus.

The airport train, Arlanda Express, available with departures from the Central Station every 15 minutes. The trip takes only 20 minutes. For information, call;

Flygbussarna (airport buses)
Tel +46-8-600 10 00, Fax +46-8-686 37 97

Flygbusstaxi (airport bus + taxi)
Tel +46-8-600 10 10, Fax +46-8-462 00 03

Arlanda Express (airport train)
Tel +46-8-588 890 00, Fax +46-8-588 890 01
Arlanda Express

Taxi & limousine services

A number of different taxi companies operate in Stockholm, and their rates can vary. We recommend the larger companies, some of which are listed below. Please note that there are fixed rates for transfers to and from Stockholm Arlanda Airport in the price range from SEK 350 to SEK 450.

The taxis from the larger companies always display the name of the driver and the car identification in the front window. Here is a selection of taxi companies in Stockholm.

Tel +46-8-797 50 78 Fax +46-8-797 41 98

Taxi 020
Tel 020-93 93 93 Fax +46-8-632 07 60

Taxi Kurir
Tel +46-8-30 00 00 Fax +46-8-744 08 28

Taxi Stockholm
Tel +46-8-15 00 00 Fax +46-8-673 46 49

Freys Hyrverk (limousine)
Tel +46-8-30 91 00 Fax +46-8-30 48 30

Car rental

The following is a selection of internationally regulated car rental companies operating in Stockholm:

Tel +46-8-20 20 60 Fax +46-8-20 75 81

at Arlanda Airport
Tel +46-8-797 99 70 Fax +46-8-797 99 71

Tel +46-8-411 15 00 Fax +46-8-411 31 68

at Arlanda Airport
Tel +46-8-797 84 70 Fax +46-8-593 623 49

Tel +46-8-21 06 50 Fax +46-8-796 84 49

at Arlanda Airport
Tel +46-8-593 609 40 Fax +46-8-593 614 55

Tel +46-8-24 07 20 Fax +46-8-10 76 21

at Arlanda Airport
Tel +46-8-797 99 00 Fax +46-8-593 600 81

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