Get around Åland by bike, by boat, by bus or by ferry. There are many ways to enjoy the archipelago.

Public transportation

Public transportation in Mariehamn is taken care of by the bus Röde Orm. Röde Orm is free of charge and has four routes.

During June 20 - August 12 Röde Orm does sightseeing tours in Mariehamn and the surrounding areas.
Röde Orm, Mariehamn, tel. +358 457 5244551,

Public transportation in the whole Åland Archipelago is taken care of by Ålandstrafiken.
Ålandstrafiken, Tel. +358 18 25 155,


A great way to get close to the fascinating archipelago nature and fauna is to rent a rowing boat, sailboat, outboard motorboat, kayak or canoe and go for an adventure among islands and skerries.

Boat rentals

  • RO NO Rent ,Österhamn/Västerhamn, 22100 Mariehamn, tel. +358 18 12820
    Outboard motorboats, rowing boats, kayaks, equipment
  • Midnight Sun Sailing Åland Ab, Väster Hamnen, 22100 Mariehamn, tel. +358 18 57500
    Sailboats, motorboats.
  • Nimix kajakuthyrning, Västanholmen 14, 22270 Eckerö, tel. +358 50 66716
    Kayaks, transport within main Åland.
  • Sandösunds camping, Sandö, 22550 Vårdö, tel. +358 18 47750
  • Käringsund Resort & Conference, 22270 Eckerö, tel. +358 18 38000
    Boats, canoes
  • Norrö stugor, Norrövägen 42, 22220 Emkarby, tel. +358 40 548 6228
    Boats, engines and equipment for independent fishing trips.


It's easy to understand why so many choose to discover Åland by bike. The distances are short and the nature is very beautiful.

Bicycle and motorcycle rentals

  • RO NO Rent, Österhamn/Västerhamn, 22100 Mariehamn, tel. +358 18 12820

Don't forget the bike ferry when you plan your trip. With their help you can "bike across the water" and hence get more route alternatives in the archipelago.

Bicycle ferry

  • Silvana: Skarpnåtö, Hammarland - Hällö, Geta 1.6-15.8. tel. +358 400 229 149.


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