Groups of minimum 10 persons who have booked group menus, please send in your menu requests no later than two weeks before departure. Group menus are meant for groups more than 10 persons and require a collective menu choice.

G = naturally gluten-free
L = lactose-free
LL = Low lactose
V = vegetarian

Wine recommendations

For appetizers count one bottle of wine for about 5 persons (one glass per person) and for the main course one bottle for about 3 persons (one extra pour). The ship's sommelier will be happy to suggest vintage wines and an aperitif/avec for your group's menu. Please contact us for additional information.

On the wine list you will find more than 70 carefully selected labels, sorted by taste to make your choice easier. The fine wines on the Food Garden wine list offer exceptional value for money. Some of the wines might not be found in shops ashore.

Chinese and Indian breakfast

We can prepare Chinese and Indian breakfast for minimum 10 persons. Contact us for booking and more info. 

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Artists and entertainment

Shows and artists aboard every day of the week!


Spa and sauna

Take a genuine sauna and relax in the spa.

Spa and sauna


Enjoy shopping at sea, we offer a wide range of brand-name products.