Hornblowers pub

Pubs and bars

You can choose from a variety of bars and pubs on board our ships. They all offer a great selection of drinks and a fun atmosphere whenever you choose to drop by.

New! Living Room

Start your evening on board Gabriella in a pleasant and quiet bar. Bartenders prepare your drinks at your table!

New! Upstairs Pub

The pub on Gabriella serves a variety of whiskeys and beers. The pub also has a small shop and offers beer and wine tastings. The entertainment ranges from live music to rock and club music.

New! Bistrotek Wine Bar

The wine list at the wine bar is long.  Enjoy a carefully selected glass of wine or our Taittinger Champagne.

Bottega Wine Bar

In the Bottega Wine Bar aboard Viking Cinderella we offer a delicious range of Italian wines suitable for both novices and experts. Come in and enjoy a glass of Bottega Gold Prosecco or let the staff guide you to your favorite wine. Our pianists play beautiful tones while you sip wine. Of course you can also sample and buy wine at reasonable prices.

Whisky & Cocktail Lounge

The Whisky bar is located on deck 9 in the nightclub Étage. Here you can sit down in a comfortable chair and sip a whiskey from the impressive assortment.

Hornblowers Pub

Cinderella's pub offers a genuine British atmosphere as its selection of whiskey and beer reveals. Sink into a cozy leather couch and begin adjusting your attitude for the evening.

Panorama Bar

If you are cruising to Turku aboard M/S Amorella, take a load off your feet in the Panorama Bar. It is situated on one of the upper decks of the ship and offers an incredible, panoramic view of the surrounding sea and archipelago.

Bar Music Meister

In Mariella's newly opened music bar, you can sing karaoke, rock out to the troubadour and watch sporting events. At night time the doors are open to all who want to let loose on the dance floor on the way to or from Helsinki.

Cava Bar

Cava Bar is the Mariella's trendy bar with comfy sofas and stunning lake views. Here you can enjoy a delicious cocktail or a glass of wine before dinner, you can also play Casino/Blackjack.

Seamore Champagne Lounge

With a fabulous view of the world's most beautiful archipelago and nice jazz inspired music You can savor an aperitif, cocktail, glass of wine or a bottle of champagne before dinner in Oscar Viking Grace. Adjacent is a "takeaway wine-shop 'with quality wines at really good prices.

​Coffeetime in Seamore

Enjoy the archipelago over a lovely cup of coffee brewed at the table with a menu of cupcakes, croissants, panna cotta and much more. Pre-book online when booking your criuse.

Frank's Bar

Good wines, a well-stocked cocktail menu, a selection of good desserts, coffee and dessert drinks. All this you can order in Frank's Bar on Viking Grace is located directly adjacent to Frank's.


Retro is Viking Grace cozy "living room" with entertainment tailored day after day to guests' requests. For example, quizzes, wishful tunes, karaoke and Finnish special entertainment. The bar features a drink- and cocktail menu, coffee and tea as well as shrimp sandwiches and pastries straight from the oven.

Rockmore Bar

In the rock After the Sea-bar on Viking Grace is a wide range of both beer and whiskey as well as a trendy range of shots and cocktails. The music ranges from the morning's cool lounge music to the latest hits being played in the evening. Friday to Wednesday maintain our troubadour.


Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy the music in our nightclubs!

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Opening hours

Bottega Wine Bar, M/S Viking Cinderella1
Outward journey:
Mon–Tue 17.30–03.00
Wed 17.30–03.30
Thu–Sat 17.30–04.30
Sun 17.30–03.30

Journey home:
Mon–Fri 12.00–14.30
Sat–Sun 10.00–14.30

Club 7even, M/S Viking Cinderella1
Opening hours

Hornblowers Pub, M/S Viking Cinderella1
Outward journey: 17.15–01.00
Journey home: Mon–Fri 10.30–15.15, Sat–Sun 10.00–15.15

Whisky & Cocktail Lounge, Cinderella1
Outward journey: From 20.30
Journey home: 12.00–15.00

Panorama Bar, M/S Amorella
Stockholm–Turku1: Sun–Thu 21.30–03.00, Fri–Sat 21.30–03.30
Turku–Stockholm: Midnight snack is served Mon–Sun

Bar Music Meister, M/S Mariella
Stockholm–Helsinki1: 19.00–02.30
Helsinki–Stockholm2: 20.00–03.30

Cava Bar, M/S Mariella
Stockholm–Helsinki1: 15.30–00.00
Helsinki–Stockholm2: 16.30–01.00

Seamore Champagne Bar, M/S Viking Grace
Stockholm–Turku1: 10.00–18.00
Turku–Stockholm2: 21.00–24.00

Frank's Bar, M/S Viking Grace
Stockholm–Turku1: Mon–Thu 12.00–17.30, Fri–Sun 12.00–18.00
Turku–Stockholm2: Sun–Wed 21.00–23.00, Thu–Sat 21.00–23.30

Retro, M/S Viking Grace
Stockholm–Turku1: 09.00–18.00
Turku–Stockholm2: Sun–Wed 20.00–00.30, Thu–Sat 20.00–02.00

Rockmore, M/S Viking Grace
Stockholm–Turku1: Sun–Fri 09.00–18.30, Sat 07.30–18.30
Turku–Stockholm2: 21.00–03.30

1 Swedish time
2 Finnish time