Cabin champagne

M/S Rosella

Seaside cabins have windows and Inside cabins do not. All cabins are located on deck 4 and are equipped with shower and toilet. There is also a Seaside Large cabin with separate bed- and livingroom. Cabin fittings may vary.

LX2 Seaside Large

Deck 4. Outside cabin. Double bed. Separate bedroom and living room. Size: 17 m2.

A2 Seaside Standard

Deck 4. Outside cabin. 2 beds. Size: 7,5 kvm.

B2 Inside Standard

Deck 4. Inside cabin. 2 beds. Size: 7,5 kvm.

HB2 Inside Handicap

Deck 4. Inside cabin. Equipped for disabled. 2 beds. Size: 6,0 kvm.

*) Breakfast is included in the price of the suite cabin on all ships (not minisuite). Customers may choose whether they wish to eat breakfast in their suite or in the Food Garden/Viking Buffet. If customers choose to eat in their suite, they must fill out an order form and submit it to the vessel's information counter the evening before. Customers wishing to eat breakfast in the Food Garden or Viking Buffet must show their cabin key in the restaurant. Breakfast is included for all persons with reservations in the cabin, both adults and children.